10 Most Exorbitant Hotel Rooms Across The World

10 Most Exorbitant Hotel Rooms Across The World

If you are loaded with dough all the time then these places are probably where you would like to crash for the night. Also the chances are that you regularly hobnob with the likes of Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp, because they prefer to spend the night at these palaces. If not, then high chances that you will run into one of them in one of these luxury havens. They might be a temporary rest for just the night or for a couple of days, these hotels and the rooms provide unparalleled service from themed interiors to antique interior décor.
Let us follow this list to find out a few of these exorbitant hotels where you can pamper yourself or your loved ones for a night or two.



1. Royal Towers Bridge Suite, Atlantis, Bahamas

A good sunshine, beautiful beaches cordoned off by a wall of uninterrupted greens, cobalt blue water is what defines Bahamas all across the world. But there is much more to this beautiful island. After basking in the glorious sunshine if you want to pamper yourself with a thorough spa treatment along with complementary champagne and caviar you may be looking for the best hotel on the island. That unanimously spells the Royal Towers Bridge Suite, Atlantis. Once you step into this Royal Suite you may want to redefine “Royal”, this may prove to be much more than you bargained for. With 10 impeccably decorated rooms with regal sofas, cushions, chandeliers, gilded mirrors and antique almirah these rooms are well suited for an emperor or an empress. The grand foyer casts its spell with a play of four different kinds of marbles; this splendor leads you to the Grande living room that flaunts its medieval, imperial décor. Do not miss out the baby grand piano in the living room.

Pocket pinch – 25,000 USD



2. The Presidential Suite, InterContinental, Hong Kong

The oriental city of lights, the land of the ultimate 7D experience also boasts of the best IMAX experience of Hong Kong Hotel rooms. Spoil yourself with a brilliant view of the Hong Kong skyline and harbor lined with dazzling lights from the balcony or the terrace. This hotel and the rooms come with the complete experience of royalty; complete the celebrity experience by travelling around the city in the Royce, Bentley or Merc given by the hotel; taste a slice of celebrity life while staying at the InterContinental Presidential Suite. This baby also comes with its own kitchenette and private gym. All of them are endowed with a panoramic view of the Hong Kong Harbor.

Pocket pinch – 13,715 USD



3. The Sultan’s Suite, Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul

The historic and cultural capital of Turkey is adorned with a precious jewel known as the Ciragan Palace Kempinsky. Be sure to get a flavor of the Ottoman Sultans’ lives in this architectural beauty built in the 16 century. One of the few hotels in the world that were entirely built of wood; now this splendor stands proud in works of white marble. The guest list has been graced with names like Uma Thurman, Giorgio Armani and Elizabeth Hurley. The once witness of the Ottoman grandeur, the Ciragan Palace is now a fine Five star hotel that has a panoramic view of the Bosporus. It has all fineries of the world, starting from a private pool to helicopter service. The Royal Suite comes with its own butler service. But that is never enough, is it? For the real history lovers, this room is decorated with all period furniture, finesse chandeliers and art pieces.

Pocket pinch- 15, 332 USD



4. The Ritz Carlton Suite, Ritz Carlton, Moscow

Amidst the Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Tretyakov Gallery the Ritz Carlton stands proud with all its grandeur. The suite offers you indeed a unique experience for all of those looking for a new experience each step in the new city. The huge unbarred windows look straight towards the unparalleled view of the Moscow delights. The view and the luxury may captivate you inside the suite for the better part of your trip. Experience the complete deal along with regal Russian Furnishings, a well equipped library and a grand piano. The perfectly heated floors provide the best refuge during the chilling Moscow winter. If you feel too lazy to leave your room, why not bring your meeting to your suite. This suite comes fully equipped with its own office as well as a majestic living room to entertain your guests.

Pocket pink- 18,000 USD



5. Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

If you are in the mood to completely spoil yourself with all the luxuries and finest treatments of the world, the Burj al Arab in Dubai is the place for you. The shape of the sail represents modern Dubai in the rest of the world. With a host of personal butlers and discreet check-in at every reception on each floor, the Burj al Arab offers an out of the world experience for the tourists who are out to make memories. The Royal Suite is synonymous to 21st century extravaganza; in fact it has redefined luxury to the rest of the world. The word “Room” simply does not exist here, all of the doors on each floor take you to suites with whirlpool baths, dining areas and expansive living areas.

Pocket pinch- 18,716 USD



6. Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is one of the leading sunkissed tourist hotspots in this world. The terrace of the Presidential Suite overlooks into the sparkling pearls of foam formed at the tips of the waves in the cool blue sea and the dazzling white sand. This pseudonym for luxury stands proud on the skyscraping towers of the Porto Cervo resort. The wine cellar and the private pool are the added attractions at the Hotel Cala di Volpe. The décor bears a distinct Mediterranean flavor which will complement your Italy visit; turn every business into pleasure with a stay at the Presidential Suite of Cala di Volpe.

Pocket pinch- 32,736 USD



7. Villa La Cupola Suite, Westin Excelsior, Rome

Rome is a city of romance, historic grandeur and imposing specimens of ancient architecture that still stand tall and proud. The Villa la Cupola Suite at Westin Excelsior does the majestic view fine justice with its strategically placed windows. This is one of the largest suites in Europe till date and it promises unparalleled service with its own platoon of butlers. Besides all of that, a generous wrap-around terrace is all that is required for the ultimate La Dolce Vita.

Pocket pinch- 30,000 USD



8. The Hugh Heffner Sky Villa Palms Resort, Las Vegas

One of a kind! Check in here for the ultimate Playboy experience. It is fitted with everything Playboy, starting from the sky ramp to the rotating circular pool. This villa is ready to kiss the sky, situated atop the Palm’s Fantasy Tower. The décor may seem a bit raunchy for the regular people but for you and me nothing could ever add more zing to our stay in the City of Lights and where every alley reverberates with the jingle of casino coins. Do not forget to try out the special cantilevered spa right above the strip that might make your heart and other things go vroom!

Pocket pinch- 35,487 USD



9. The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur

India might be a cheap option still for tourists from all across the world, but the expenditure per night at this hotel suite will make even the most lavish spenders think twice. It bears testimonies to all that was and still is regal in this country. From gold threaded embroidery to heavily decorated tapestry this room has it all. The Presidential Suite is indeed the royal Indian treatment one can hope for. Seems like the understated pink city of India has more in store than one had gauged. This suite can definitely call itself one of the largest in Asia, with nearly 1500 square meters inside its boundaries. If you want to rest your eyes from the gorgeous work of gold and ivory, visit the private museum. The Raj palace hotel leaves you little room to check out with every step indeed.

Pocket pinch- 45,000 USD



10. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

Geneva has been steadily gaining importance over the past couple of years thanks to the UN conventions as well as increased tourist attractions. This is definitely mean for the ones extremely cautious about security. Vested with strong bulletproof doors and windows this is undoubtedly the safest hotel on this planet. the satisfaction for paranoia of course comes for an exorbitant price. However it can be safely called the safehouse for a visit from the head of state or even celebs who want a respite from paparazzis. The suite is like a world on its own, it has 12 spacious rooms and a private elevator for the guests to reach the spread. A billiard room, library and private gym is enough the make this Geneva delicacy a home for days.

Pocket pinch- 65,000 USD